Aerial Application Technology for Crop Production and Protection       

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2012 NAAA/ASABE Technical Session Presentations


Goal Statement

Develop and implement new and improved aerial application equipment for safe, efficient, and sustainable crop production and protection. 

Project Summary


Aerial application of crop production and protection materials is a crucial component of high-productivity American agriculture.  This project is focused on optimizing efficacy and minimizing off-target movement of these materials.  Project objectives will be accomplished through focus on three main research areas:  1) improving existing aerial application technologies to maximize application efficiency and biological efficacy with minimal spray drift; 2) integration of remote sensing and variable rate systems to enhance and optimize applications of crop production and protection products; and 3) developing decision support systems that provide application equipment selection and operational guidance for optimum biological efficacy.  This project combines engineering and entomological expertise to create a research program that defines how sprayed materials move from the aircraft to the target and how efficacy of the applied product is affected and can be optimized by changing deposition characteristics.  Results of project research are intended to provide aerial applicators, crop management consultants, extension agents, and agricultural producers with the appropriate scientific knowledge to make the best treatments possible and to be in full compliance with all State and Federal regulations related to the application of agricultural materials. 



Our research program serves aerial applicators, farmers, crop consultants, and the agrochemical industry.  We are always looking for input from our customers to help plan and conduct research projects that are relevant and of high priority to the dynamic American agricultural system.  Please click on the QUESTIONS link to contact any of the researchers involved with this project.

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Front Row L-R: Phil Jank, Dr. Juan Lopez, Dr. Dan Martin, Dr. Clint Hoffmann, Dr. Yubin Lan, Dr. Brad Fritz

Back Row L-R: Curtis Hubbard, Lee Denham, Charlie Harris, Chris Parker, Dr. Mohamed Latheef

More Information about Our Project

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